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What’s going on this week? Monday 14th October 2019


What3words, an app which is able to provide an almost exact location for wherever you are in the world by using just 3 words, has caused division between those who think it can save lives to others who believe that one company shouldn’t know where we all are all the time.

The app divides the world into three-metre squares and gives each one a unique three-word address in order for people to be easily found in emergencies, and to give the billions of people without a formal address access to one for the first time.


Things to talk about at home…

Talk about how we keep in touch with people.

Do we always know where our family and friends are?

Do you think it’s important to always know where people we care about are?

Talk about how we use technology to help us to locate where we are and how to help find our way using online maps, satellite navigation etc.

Discuss some of the ways our lives would be different without this technology.



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