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What’s going on this week? Monday 27th January 2020


The date that the UK are scheduled to leave the EU is the 31st January 2020.

A group of MPs hoped to signify the historic occasion with the ringing of Big Ben at 11pm. As the Elizabeth Tower and Big Ben is currently under refurbishment, the estimated cost of ensuring the bells work, is £500,000.

Meaning the cost of marking Brexit in this way would be just over £45,000 per bong (assuming the bell strikes 11 times). Big Ben has only rung on a few occasions since the refurbishment began in 2017.


Things to talk about at home…

The decision for the UK to leave the European Union following a vote in 2016, divided lots of people across the UK. As many may feel sad that we are leaving, do you think it’s something that others should be celebrating?

Do you think it’s important to talk to and listen to people we don’t agree with? Why?

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