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Next Meeting Date: Wednesday 12th Decemeber 2018

At Broad Oak Primary School, pupils have an important part to play in making decisions about the life and work of the school. One of the ways in which pupils can have their say and make sure that their views and ideas are listened to, is through the school council. 

A school council is a body of pupils set up to represent all pupils on issues that affect them. Our Council is made up of one child from every class (from years 2-6) of the school and they are elected by the children of the class. Each representative for the classes can put forward their class views at the school council meetings. It gives all pupils the chance to have a voice and tell teachers and staff their ideas, a way to introduce new ideas for the school and fundraise for lots of amazing causes.

The school council here at Broad Oak Primary School in Manchester, consists of extremely active, dedicated and well organised pupils. The members of our school council take their roles very seriously and, as a result of their hard work and dedication, have orchestrated and coordinated positive changes within our school. The councillors collect suggestions from their peers through circle times within class. These are recorded in their class minute books and brought to school council meetings to be discussed. 

We have many ideas such as fund raising, charity events, competitions and ways to further improve the school over the coming year – we will keep you updated on all of our plans on our school webpage, the newsletter, school council display and posters put up around school.  So, keep your eyes peeled to see what happens next...

Our Broad Oak Primary School Councillors are;

For Lower School

For Upper School


















Important Dates:

Wednesday 17th October 2018- Welcome to school council and initial ideas.

Friday 19th October 2018- Class Meeting to take place for fundraising ideas.

Wednesday 31st October 2018- Collection of pupil ideas and plans organised. 

Wednesday 7th November 2018- Plans for Children in Need finalised. 

Children in Need Week 2018- 12.11.18 to 16.11.18

Wednesday 28th November 2018- Planning and organising our next fundraiser. 

Save the Children's 'Festive Jumper Day' happening on Wednesday 19th Decemeber (More info to follow).

Wednesday 12th Decemeber- Final Preperations and arrangements for 'Festive Jumper Day'.

Wednesday 19th Decemeber- Festive Jumper Day!!!


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