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Learning & Life Skills

What are the EdisonLearning Learning and Life Skills?

The EdisonLearning Learning and Life Skills are a coherent set of Learning Units designed to ensure learners learn effectively and are equipped for lifelong learning, no matter their Key Stage, or their age. Built around the development of a logical hierarchy of skills, Learning and Life Skills develop learners’ capacities in the following three skills categories:

3 Skills Categories
Personal and Social Competencies
Thinking Skills

Central to the Learning and Life Skills approach is the involvement of pupils in exploring their understanding of and assessing their own progress against explicit criteria – the ‘I can’ statements, and doing this across all year groups.

The 3 skills categories are aligned to six individual Learning Units:

Skill Category Learning Unit Skill areas

and social 

Learning with Others


  • Learning as part of a group
  • Being a good member of a social group 

Developing Independence
and Responsibility


  • Taking individual responsibility for self and others
  • Developing ability to act independently

Improving Own Learning and Performance / Being a Better Learner


  • Monitoring and evaluating own learning
  • How I learn and how I develop - learning styles
  • Organisation and planning skills

Developing a Sense of Self Worth and an Understanding of Self and Others /Knowing Me, Knowing You


  • Managing ones moral and social development
  • Recognising feelings and understanding emotions
  • Developing a positive sense of one's self
  • Stress management and conflict resolution

Thinking Skills

  • Information Processing and Evaluation

Locating and collecting information

Interpreting and analysing information

Recording, presenting and evaluating information

  • Reasoning and Enquiry

Research skills

Inference and deduction

Making judgements and justifying opinions

  • Creative Thinking and Problem Solving

Creativity and innovation

Problem Investigation


Speaking and Listening


  • Speaking
  • Listening
  • Conversation and Discussion skills


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