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The table below outlines the topics to be taught in 2020-21. Due to the disruption caused by the Coronavirus pandemic, our curriculum has undergone significant editing, re-organisation and re-sequencing in order to best recover any lost learning. It is for this reason that the same unit may appear twice over the course of this year. These amendments will ensure that by the end of the academic year 2020-21, we will be able to resume our normal curriculum offer.

The topic themes and content have been carefully and deliberately constructed to ensure that all of the requirements of the National Curriculum are met. The sequence in which new content is introduced ensures that pupils acquire the necessary specific knowledge and skills through revision of themes and concepts to make subsequent learning meaningful.

Medium Term overviews and Knowledge Organisers for each term have been organised into year groups in the drop down menus linked to this page.

2020-21 Autumn 1 Autumn 2 Spring 1 Spring 2 Summer 1 Summer 2
Year 1 Topic   Bright lights, big city Rio de Vida Moon Zoom Alien artefacts Memory Box Enchanted Woodland
Main subject driver(s)   History/ Geography Geography History Science History Science
Cross curricular subject(s)   Art/D&T D&T - - Science -
Year 2 Topic   Street Detectives Land ahoy! Bounce Wriggle and crawl
Main subject driver(s)   Geography History Science Science
Cross curricular subject(s)   Art - - -
Year 3 Topic Plantastic Forces and Magnets Tribal Tales Street light Rocks Flow Gods and Mortals Scrumdiddlyumptious Urban Pioneer
Main subject driver(s) Science Science History Science Science Geography History D&T Art
Cross curricular subject(s) - - - - - - - Science -
Year 4 Topic Bottoms, burps and bile I am warrior Traders & Raiders Misty Mountain Water cycle Sounds & Circuits Blue Abyss
Main subject driver(s) Science History/ Geography History Geography Science Science Science
Cross curricular subject(s) - Geography Geography - - - Geography
Year 5 Topic Sounds & Circuits Beast creator Alchemy Island Pharaohs Stargazers Scream machine Allotment
Main subject driver(s) Science Science Science History Science Science Geography
Cross curricular subject(s) - Art D&T - - D&T  
Year 6 Topic Stargazers Scream Machine Light & shadows Frozen Kingdom Bulbs & Buzzers A child's war Hola Mexico 1 Hola Mexico 2 Evolution
Main subject driver(s) Science Geography Science History Geography History Science
Cross curricular subject(s) - - - Geography Art - -


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