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School Meals

A new and exciting school lunch menu has arrived. This menu will provide more flexibility and will be bespoke to each school. Meaning that the school lunch provided will be more popular than ever!

The new menu features all the school meal favourites and is designed for the Unit Manager, with their school, to select dishes enjoyed the most by their pupils. This new menu has more choice for the children, which will help them to try new foods, and explore different flavours.

If you are wondering what about the pudding? Ever mindful of the health of our customers, our menus feature a variety of fruit and yoghurt (and even some savoury) combinations therefore exceeding the current standards for school meals - in the last year alone we’ve removed 62% of added sugar from our menus, which equates to 100,000 bags of sugar!


School Dinners are £2.23 per day. A half terms notice is required in writing if lunchtime arrangements are to be changed.

Each day, your child can choose a meal from one of the the following food stations: The menu changes every week, on a 3 week rotation, please see the table below to find out which week we are currently in.


To find out if you are eligible for free school meals for your child, please click here.



Menu Schedule


Week 1         4th & 25th November, 16th December

Week 2         11th November, 2nd December, 

Week 3         18th November, 9th December,


Policy on Medical Diets in Schools

If your child has a special dietary requirement that may be due to a food allergy,intolerance or metabolic imbalance, Manchester Fayre, our school meal provider, can cater for such special diets. With appropriate notice, their Nutritionist will work with the school catering team to ensure that a suitable menu choice is available each day.


Nutritionist Resource - Are you confident your child is getting the best possible nutrition?

Advice about the nutritional needs of schoolchildren and teenagers...click here

Loveable Lunchboxes, provides parents with information on creating healthy and enticing lunchboxes for their kids.....click here



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