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Art & Design




We aim to inspire our pupils and develop their confidence in experimenting and producing their own works of art. The curriculum is designed to develop pupils’ abilities, nurture and develop their talents and express their ideas and thoughts about the world around them. In order to achieve this at Broad Oak, we use the Kapow scheme for Art & Design.




The scheme of work is designed around four strands that run throughout the curriculum: making skills, the formal elements of art, knowledge of artists and evaluating.

Pupils have the opportunity to learn and practise skills discreetly in the ‘Skills’ and ‘Formal elements’ units which are then applied in later units in the scheme. Pupils are given opportunities to revisit, develop and refine their skills in a spiral curriculum model.

Pupil’s knowledge of significant artists and art movements is developed through the ‘Every picture tells a story’ units and links to artists through practical work.

Pupils are supported in learning how to make their own creative decisions so that their art outcomes are personal and unique.

Differentiated guidance ensures that learning is made accessible to all pupils and provides challenge to stretch pupils’ learning. Knowledge organisers are used in building the foundations of factual knowledge.

Teachers are supported in the implementation of the curriculum by a wealth of concrete and digital resources to support ongoing professional development.

The scheme of work is structured on a two year cycle to account for the vertically grouped class organisation. Art & Design is taught in half termly units that alternate with Design and Technology. Each unit comprises 5 or 6 lessons, meaning that pupils receive weekly art lessons every other half term.




The impact of the Art & Design curriculum will be monitored through summative and formative assessment. There is guidance for teachers accompanying each of the lessons in assessing pupils against the learning objectives and a pupil quiz at the end of each unit of work. Over each academic year, class teachers will select a range of examples of pupils’ work for compilation into the ‘Art & Design floor book’. This will be used by the subject leader for the purposes of moderation and monitoring.

We expect that pupils will:


  • produce creative work, exploring and recording their ideas and experiences;
  • be proficient in drawing, painting and sculpture;
  • know about some of the great artists
  • meet the end of key stage expectations outlined in the National Curriculum.



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