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Our Curriculum Intent

The Broad Oak curriculum has the National Curriculum aims and programmes of study at its heart, with each of the subjects being taught discreetly as part of a 2 year cycle. The Identified endpoints ensure that our pupils are well prepared for the next stage of their education.

Our core values are embedded across the curriculum for the whole school.  They provide a common language and shared understanding of our ambition to develop resilient, responsible and creative learners.  To secure this, we provide additional teaching and learning opportunities within and beyond the classroom ensuring links with our local community – for example, our participation and involvement with Didsbury in Bloom. All pupils in years 1-6 receive an offer of character education in the form of ‘Forest Crew’ for at least half a term each year. Additionally, Broad Oak pupils participate in a wide range of extra-curricular opportunities, including sports and competitions.

Expectations for all our pupils, including those who are disadvantaged or have SEND needs, are high. We adapt the curriculum to ensure success for all pupils and where necessary, provide a more specialist curriculum or environment.

You can find a copy of our Curriculum policy below and the subject specific detail on the individual subject pages.  Additionally a copy of our 2 year curriculum model can also be found below.

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