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At Broad Oak Primary School, our vision is to provide each child with a broad and balanced computing curriculum that will nurture their enthusiasm, encourage their creativity and exploration and develop their computational thinking.

In order to support our children to achieve their very best and prepare them for the future, we use a scheme developed by the National Centre for Computing Education. The National Computing Curriculum is designed to allow children to make progress year-upon-year in the three key areas out lined by the National Curriculum: Digital Literacy, Computer Science and Information Technology.

The Teach Computing curriculum is structured into units for each year group, and each unit is broken down into lessons that are taught systematically to all of our children.

Subject Overviews

Please find below our long-term subject overview and overviews for each unit by year group.

Year Group Autumn 1 Autumn 2 Spring 1 Spring 2 Summer 1 Summer 2
Year 1 Computing systems and Networks - Technology
around us
Creating Media - Digital Painting Programming A - Moving a Robot Programming B - Animations Data and Information - Grouping Data Creating Media - Digital Writing
Year 2 Computing systems and Networks - IT
around us
Programming - Robot Algorithms Programming B - An introduction to quizzes Creating Media - Making Music Digital Photography (tie in with Wriggle and Crawl - may be Autumn?) Data and Information - Pictograms
Year 3 Computing systems and Networks - Connecting Computing Creating Media - Animation Creating Media -  Desktop Publishing Data and information - Branching Databases Programming A - Sequence in Music Programming B - Events in Actions
Year 4 Computing systems and Networks - The Internet Programming A - Repitition in shapes Data and Information - Data Logging Creating Media - Photo Editing Creating Media - Audio Editing Programming B - Repitition in Games
Year 5 Data and Information - Flat-file databases Computing Systems and Networks - Sharing Information Creating Media - Vector drawing Programming B - Selection in Physical computing Programming B - Selection in quizzes Creating Media - Video editing
Year 6 Computing systems and Networks - Communication Creating Media - Web page creation Data and information - Spreadsheets Creating Media - 3D modelling Programming A - Variables in games Programming B - Senses



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