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Broad Oak Primary School is determined that every pupil will become a mathematician, regardless of their background, needs or abilities.

To achieve this, our intention is to ensure that:

  • All children have unlimited access to good quality maths teaching and learning.
  • All children will be provided with a clear path to success through a wide and comprehensive curriculum.
  • Our maths curriculum is broad and purposely sequenced which allows children to learn new knowledge and build on skills previously acquired.
  • Pupils who do not meet age-related expectation at each data collection point will be identified and provision will be implemented accordingly.
  • All staff, children and parents hold high expectations of the teaching and learning of maths.
  • Time for learning new knowledge and applying skills is flexible and proportionate to the pupils needs.
  • All staff have a solid understanding of what Broad Oak children need to succeed in school, and later in life.


** The mathematics curriculum map is subject to changes based on the professional judgements of our staff and the needs of our pupils **

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