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Inspection Report - 21st-22nd May 2024

Broad Oak received an Ofsted section 5 inspection on Tuesday 21st and Wednesday 22nd May 2024.  The school received a grading of Good for each of the graded areas, resulting in an overall effectiveness judgement of Good. 

You can find the full report attached below. 

We were particularly pleased with the following observations that the Lead Inspector made:

  • Pupils at Broad Oak are happy and enjoy school. Pupils are proud of the diverse school community where everyone is accepted and valued for who they are.
  • Pupils benefit from the wide range of high-quality enrichment experiences on offer. The school carefully designs trips, visits and outdoor learning activities that enhance the curriculum.
  • Pupils spoke with pride about the roles of responsibility that they have been entrusted with, such as becoming school councillors and healthy buddies. These opportunities add considerable value to pupils’ learning and development.
  • Pupils are offered many opportunities to develop their talents and interests beyond the academic curriculum. For example, they participate regularly in local community events. Pupils also enjoy attending clubs such as art, skateboarding and football.
  • The school has prioritised early reading. Staff are well trained to deliver the phonics programme with confidence and expertise. Throughout the school, staff use every opportunity to develop pupils’ language and communication skills.
  • The school has created a new and ambitious curriculum that begins in the early years and have prioritised the development of staff’s subject knowledge. Staff successfully deliver the curriculum using appropriate activities that support pupils to build their knowledge well over time.
  • The school identifies the additional needs of pupils with SEND quickly and accurately. Staff work closely with parents and carers, the local authority and other external agencies to secure appropriate support for pupils. Staff are skilled at adapting the delivery of the curriculum so that pupils with SEND, including those in the specially resourced provision, achieve well.
  • The school ensures that staff’s workload is manageable. Staff feel supported and valued.                                        



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