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Inspection Report - 29th-30th March 2022

Broad Oak received an Ofsted section 5 inspection on Tuesday 29th and Wednesday 30th March 2022.

Please find the latest report here.

Since the return to school in September, Senior Leaders have prioritised closing the gaps that have emerged as a result of the pandemic in core curriculum subjects (which include Reading, Writing and Mathematics). We are pleased that the Ofsted team agreed that these subjects are well-sequenced and your children achieve well.

The Ofsted team acknowledged that our pupils have access to a broad and balanced curriculum, but that in some of the foundation subjects (which include Art and Design, Citizenship, Computing, Design and Technology, Languages, Geography, History, Music and P.E.) the important knowledge that children will learn has only recently been identified. This is because the school has moved away from a skills based curriculum to develop a knowledge based curriculum.

The Ofsted team acknowledged that Senior Leaders and Governors know the school well. The identified areas for improvement have been a key priority in our School Improvement Plan for 2021-22. On-going work continues in these aspects and will be completed in time for the new school year in September.

I feel strongly that the inspectors' observations of our school ethos and school community is something that we can all be proud of and I thank you for your continued support.

Yours sincerely,

Mr. K.W. Corteen.                             



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