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Broad Oak Primary School is committed to giving every pupil the opportunity to become future Scientists by enabling them to develop their Science knowledge and skills, regardless of their background, needs or abilities.

To achieve this, our intention is to ensure that we will:

  • Teach Science through a topic based approach ensuring coverage of the National Curriculum but in a relevant and real context.
  • Teach Science in a holistic way with links to other curriculum areas.
  • Ensure that STEM careers are promoted to all children.
  • Ensure that the children have the opportunity to increase their Science capital in order for them to achieve their potential in life.
  • Encourage parents to engage with Science activities at home.
  • Plan trips that help to develop children’s engagement in Science.
  • Develop the children’s interest in topical Science.
  • Use our wonderful outdoor resources such as the pond and woodland to give our children first hand experiences to promote their Science learning.
  • Promote equality by celebrating the achievements of a range of Scientists, helping our children to understand that there is no barrier to what they can achieve in Science.
  • Ensure that our pupil premium children have the opportunity to narrow any gaps in their Science learning by, using our knowledge of the children, planning quality first teaching experiences, enabling access to extracurricular Science activities and using assessment to monitor progress, allowing interventions to be put in place for individual children. 
  • Celebrate Science with a week dedicated to Science each year.
  • Promote out of school activities to develop a love of Science.

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