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Values and Ethos

At Broad Oak we have 7 Core Values that help us to bring our school vision to life each day.  The pupils voted for the core values and decided upon:

Attitude, Behaviour, Courage, Determination, Enthusiasm, Friendship Resilience

Our values include the 6 habits that we develop through Forest Crew lessons with Mr. Rowe and Mrs. McCrory.  We will also be thinking about these values in our weekly assemblies.  As we consider each value throughout the year we reflect on how each of our values helps us to promote tollerance and equality in order that we are good citizens who make a positive contribution to our community.

This year we will be working on the values in the following order:

Autumn 1 - Attitude

How we think and how we let our thoughts influence our emotions and actions

Autumn 2 - BehaviourFriendship

Being 100% responsible for the actions we take and cultivating caring and supportive personal relationships.

Spring 1 - Courage

Our ability to do what is right even when we are faced with fears.

Spring 2 -  Determination

A personal commitment to focus on completing tasks and working towards our goals.

Summer 1 - Enthusiasm

Approaching experiences with energy and enthusiasm.

Summer 2 - Resilience

The ability to keep trying and recover successfully when things get difficult.

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