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Broad Oak Primary School delivers the very best educational experience with a dynamic and motivating curriculum to excite all minds. All of our teaching and learning is under-pinned by our core values.

Our core values:


How we think and how we let our thoughts influence our emotions and actions


Being 100% responsible for the actions we take and cultivating caring and supportive personal relationships.


Our ability to do what is right even when faced with fears.


A personal commitment to focus on completing tasks and working towards our goals.


Approaching experiences with energy and enthusiasm.


The ability to keep trying and recover successfully when things get difficult.

To achieve our vision we support our children to:

  • Become global citizens equipped with the knowledge and skills for a rapidly changing world, understanding the inter-dependence of individuals, groups and nations.
  • Question and argue rationally and to apply themselves to tasks.
  • Appreciate the aspirations and achievement of people throughout the ages.
  • Acquire reasoned attitudes, values and beliefs including a respect for and understanding of other people’s religious and moral values.
  • Demonstrate responsibility, develop negotiating skills and exercise judgement.
  • Experience the school as a caring, supportive learning environment where there is equal opportunity regardless of gender, race, culture, disability or social standing.
  • Enjoy the learning process and to take advantage of the educational opportunities the school offers; to have a love of learning, feel passionate and have ownership of the outcomes.
  • Think creatively and be interested in new and different things.
  • To understand and know how to promote and look after their own physical health and social and emotional well-being.

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