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Forest Crew @ Broad Oak

As part of our PE programme,  all children have the opportunity to take part in a half term of Forest Crew each Academic Year. All sessions take place on the school grounds in our woodland/forest area. We aim to allow the children the freedom to explore the outside world in a more relaxed setting. 

Forest School

Forest School is a form of outdoor learning which is characterised by a learner-led approach. It is focused on the holistic development of the child and delivered as a long-term programme in a woodland or other natural setting. It supports play, exploration and supported risk taking with programmes facilitated by the class teacher. The interests and intrinsic motivations of the individual participants guides the content of the sessions, which should be supported by hands-on learning experiences. This process helps to improve learners’ confidence and self-esteem, promoting independence, creativity and resilience, and emotional development.  

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