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School Spider - Parents App

The School Spider app (see document below) allows parents to receive communication from the school quickly and easily. This includes direct messages to * parents, parents evening booking, surveys and forms and more.

* If you do not have access to a smartphone/ tablet you can still book parents evenings, complete surveys and forms etc via the parent log in on the school website. You can log in via the top black bar on the school homepage.

Once parents have downloaded the app they can use the drop down to select your school. They will then see recent news, gallery, calendar and blog posts that you put on your website. They will need to login to receive any communication related to their child(ren).

How to login as a parent

Select parent login to input your username and password. (These will be provided by the school). Once you are logged in, you don’t need to do anything. You will then start receiving messages either direct or to ask you to complete surveys, book parents evening etc. Once you view the message, if it is asking you to complete a form or to book a parents evening a notification will pop up over the icon at the bottom of the dashboard.

Screenshot_20230324-193414.png.   Screenshot_20230324-193423.png.   Screenshot_20230324-193953~2.png
Booking parents evening and completing surveys and forms are very self explanatory. Below shows how a parents evening looks when you log on and once you have booked your slot.

Screenshot_20230324-194005.png    Screenshot_20230324-194018.png

To learn more about School Spider and how it works

SS-Logo_Icon_Red.pngClick here to watch the Parents Tutorial.
Click here to watch the Pupils Tutorial.

If you have a query please email: schoolspider@broadoak.manchester.sch.uk

Files to Download

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