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Broad Oak children's reading in 2019/20

224 pupils from years one to six participated in our literacy survey between the months on January and March 2020. We have compared the results from our children with the results from the National Literacy Trust's Anual literacy Survey. 

Our key findings are: 

  • Despite the fact that children and young people’s levels of reading enjoyment continue to decline and are at their lowest since 2013 (53% said they enjoyed reading in 2019 vs 53.3% in 2013), 67.9% of Broad Oak pupils said they enjoyed reading. More impressivley, 82% of our pupils in years one to three said they enjoyed reading. 
  • 42.9% of our pupils said that they read daily in their free time. Despite the fact that children and young people’s daily reading levels are the lowest ever recorded, with just 25.8% of children saying they read daily in their free time in 2019.
  • 70% of our pupils aged 9-11 said that they enjoyed reading because it is 'cool' and because it makes them 'feel better'.
  • 75% of our pupils aged 5-8 said that they think 'learning new words' is fun.
  • A growing number of pupils are reading on screen as well as on paper.


For more information regarding the results of the reading survey, speak to Mr Everson.

National Literacy Trust Reading Survey

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