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MFL - French

The teaching of languages to early learners is now widely recognised as a significant contributory factor in improving literacy, building self-confidence and broadening cultural horizons.  At Broad Oak French has been chosen as our MFL, following the Catherine Cheater Scheme of work for French (Please see download below).

The Government aim, outlined in the National Languages Strategy states:

Every child should have the opportunity throughout Key Stage 2 to study a foreign language and develop their interest in the culture of other nations. They should have access to high quality teaching and learning opportunities, making use of native speakers and e-learning. By age 11 they should have the opportunity to reach a recognised level of competence on the Common European Framework and for that achievement to be recognised through a national scheme.

The Scheme of Work meets in full the learning objectives as set out in the Key Stage 2 Framework for Languages. In addition, there are many links with other national curriculum learning objectives.

The learning objectives from the Key Stage 2 Framework for Languages are met in this scheme of work by the end of Y6 in the following ways:


  • Understand the main points and simple opinions in a spoken story, song or passage
  • Perform to an audience
  • Understand longer and more complex phrases or sentences
  • Use spoken language confidently to initiate and sustain conversations and to tell stories


  • Read and understand the main points and some detail from a short written passage
  • Identify different text types and read short, authentic texts for enjoyment or information
  • Match sound to sentences and paragraphs
  • Write sentences on a range of topics using a model

Intercultural Understanding

  • Compare attitudes towards aspects of everyday life
  • Recognise and understand some of the differences between people
  • Present information about an aspect of culture

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