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Promoting and rewarding positive behaviour

House point system

The class is randomly split into 5 teams.  When children are noticed making positive choices, they are rewarded with a house point.  The house point is represented visually with a marble.  This enables us to reinforce and reward positive behaviours.  All staff have a responsibility to ‘catch children in a positive light’. Each Friday at home time, the pots are checked and the team with the most house points are rewarded with a treat from the class prize box.

Good to be Gold system

The Good to be Gold system will run alongside the House Point system, but this is used to support children in understanding their inappropriate behaviour choices. 

Each child starts every day with three stars – one gold, one silver and one bronze.  Having all three stars on a name card is a visual representation that a child is making all the right behaviour choices.

As the aim is to be gold, stars are removed in this order – first gold, second silver and third bronze.  For children that keep all of their stars all the time, there will be a weekly reward, hence ‘good to be gold’. 

Parents/ carers will be informed either verbally, or via Seesaw, if their son/daughter has lost any stars during the day.

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